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Located in Dandenong Market, you can come to our studio and see us for your airbrush needs or like hundreds of others, you can order online with shipping of your airbrush goods directly to your door! 


Dandy Shop

 Airbrush Co. is proud to be the premier retailer of custom airbrushed artwork in Australia! Based in Melbourne, our team travels all around Australia to deliver our unique (and totally wicked) services. We specialise in custom airbrushed graffiti caps and t-shirts, extraordinary community art projects and memorable live entertainment at events. 

Guess what? Airbrush Co. would love to collaborate with your business!  Our team of artist have previously worked with a number of companies and organisations around Australia, including McDonalds, FOX FM, Ripcurl, EB Games, Stüssy, General Pants Co., Anytime Fitness, Timezone and Swinburne TAFE, Jamie Burhrer (Newcastle Knights Rugby League)  and much more.
Whether you’re looking for unique artwork of the things you love, an unforgettable gift for friends and family, or a way to make your next event go out with a bang, Airbrush Co. has you covered! With hundreds of affordable stock designs available and the creative potential to airbrush anything, you can let your imagination run wild. Furthermore, Airbrush Co. has a range of event entertainment hire and airbrush street art workshops that are guaranteed to brighten your next personal, business or community event.




Airbrush Co Team

 Alana Kennedy 

Alana started Airbrush Planet in 2011 when she was 22 years old – with the support of her family and friends she has been able to build a successful business.
From a young age Alana was always interested in art and drawing – her talent and passion for airbrushing started when she was given an airbrush for Christmas one year. She decided to do a course to learn how to use it properly. After finishing High School Alana studied advertising and graphic design and undertook some work experience with airbrush artist Daniel Power, known for his portraits in Village Cinemas. After a brief stint working in the industry, Alana decided to start her own business in airbrushing.
Airbrush Planet originally started in a shop based in Ringwood, but had little foot traffic. Joining the Dandenong Market has allowed Alana to reach new customers who are just passing by, as the Airbrush Planet stall is very visual, many people often stop by just to watch. Working at the market gives Alana the opportunity to reach all types of different customers in the one location, she feels very fortunate that she has a successful business that pays her to colour and create artwork and personalised designs that amaze people.

 Hayley Hoffmann 

Hayley Hoffmann

When Hayley was 16 she did her very first airbrushing course. She loved it. She was raised by a business-minded family, so even at a young age she could see the business opportunities with this medium.

At age 18 she started her own airbrushing business. All over Melbourne you could find her airbrushing temporary tattoos at night clubs and festivals. From this, her business grew and she was commissioned to airbrush murals and portraits.

In 2007 she met Rayf Jacobs, the formal owner for Hot Paint Airbrush Art, and began her career airbrushing t-shirts and caps at Eastland Shopping Centre.

Due to health issues, Jacobs was soon no longer able to run the business. So in 2008, at age 24, she bought the business and re-developed it with a bigger team of artists. She began airbrushing t-shirts and caps at events and running airbrush workshops.

In 2013 Hayley and her husband started a family. That was when she decided to run Hot Paint from home, taking airbrushing orders online and focusing on big local events and workshops. In October they had their first baby boy Koby and now have three beautiful children that keep her very busy. During this time, she was still able to make an income from the business with the help of her team of artists. 

With her passion for empowering people to be creative and to encourage them to leave their comfort zones, Hayley also created community art based airbrushing workshops. In these workshops, Hayley works with children/young people, at risk children/young people and disability groups. 

As her business grew, Hayley developed a passion to establish careers for other artists. In order to follow this passion, Hayley teamed up with the talented artist Alana Kennandy and together they founded Airbrush Co. Hayley intends to create a business that grows successfully while she is committed to her family and being a mum. 

Hayley is proud to see how far she has come over the years and how her business has been redeveloped again and again. Times can be challenging with young children and a blossoming career, but Hayley embraces any challenges thrown at her. She believes it is these challenges which make her stronger and she thinks it’s a blessing to raise her beautiful children while pursuing a career she is passionate about. 

 Alex Fynn

Alex Fynn 

Alex’s artistic style uses a lot of inspiration from the things she loved as a child (and continues to love as an adult). This inspiration is mostly taken from animations from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney and Pixar; a lot of Anime and Manga; and most of all, video games. Specifically, Alex loves stylising her art to be similar to 90s games such as Spyro, Pokemon, Tomb Raider, Zelda, Oddworld and Croc to name a few. Alex has also expanded her artwork to include darker styles. These darker artworks are not only influenced by unfortunate life experiences, but also her passion for music, tattoos and other topics in this general field. She is currently exploring ways to combine these two styles to create one that suits her best as an artist. 

During school, Alex chose any art related subjects that were available. Unfortunately this was mostly limited to graphic design, woodwork and metalwork. Alex never claims to be good in math class, and found history and IT immensely boring. More than half of her school books were filled with scribbles and copied band names in biro. She would even swap books with classmates as hers were full of doodles and theirs had clean, empty pages asking to be decorated. 

Alex left high school in the first month of her second attempt at Year 9. She failed the prior year due to lack of attendance and knew the same thing would happen again if she stayed. Alternatively, Alex enrolled in TAFE for a greater sense of freedom. 

Alex adored her time spent at TAFE. She developed a wonderful rapport with her kind tutors and honest peers. She passed Year 10 and 11 four months early and was welcomed into other courses, including retail, community services and social studies, to fill the end of each year. 

As she was usually so far ahead in her work, she spent a significant amount of free time painting during class times. Gratefully, Alex was permitted to paint in class and sometimes canvases and paint were supplied. Mostly, Alex would prefer to stay at home doing art surrounded by friends rather than going home. 

Tutors encouraged Alex to search for artistic work experience as she couldn’t think of anything else that she would bother putting effort into. It seemed as if she was the only one who didn’t know what field of work she wanted to pursue. 

Eventually, while browsing through art images on Google and not applying for work experience, Alex came across some airbrushed artwork. Clicking on the link, Alex was led to Hayley Bromley who at the time was the owner of Hot Paint Airbrush Art. It should be noted that Alex had no idea what airbrushing was at this point, but she fell in love with the artwork that Hayley was creating. Without hesitation, Alex had one of her tutors help her write an application letter and emailed it to Hayley before nightfall.

12 years later, and Alex has blossomed into her own very talented airbrush artist. She has learned so much from Hayley, both artistically and in terms of business, and she is still happily working with her to this day.

During her artistic journey, Alex met a wide variety of artists and other employers. One of whom being Alanna Kennedy, who taught Alex a lot in a short period of time as her employer at Airbrush Planet. Alex adored her time working as a part of a team with Alanna. 

Alex is looking forward to developing and applying her skills at Airbrush Co. with such a fantastic team. She believes “the future from here will be brightly multicoloured”. 

Chad Machaya


Chad began his artistic journey early in life, spending most of his childhood drawing and graffiting the pages of his school books.

As Chad grew older, his passion for art grew with him. A friend of his recommended that he should apply for art school to further his art education.

In 2017, Chad began his artistic academic endeavour and completed a Diploma in Fine Arts. Following art school, Chad exhibited his artworks in various solo and joint exhibitions.

This led to a brief yet rewarding career as a tattoo artist and Chad was soon commissioned by many clients for his artwork. Even the Dandenong Council reached out to Chad to create a local mural for the community!

Chad became a part of the Airbrush Co. team in 2019 and has loved every moment pursuing his artistic passions.


Ada Lausber-Colwell


Ada has been creative since the day she was born. Finger painting on the walls, writing creative stories and dying her hair every colour of the rainbow: she has tried it all.

In 2017, Ada began working with the founder of Airbrush Co. assisting in running airbrushing events and workshops. In the following years, Ada expanded in the company and began editing and creating written content behind the scenes.

She is currently undertaking training to become an airbrush artist so she can pursue more artistic endeavours. For Ada, working as an editor and artist while she pursues her studies is a dream come true. 


Paul Peters 


Our very talented Paul Peters is a perfectionist and has a keen eye for detail. 

At age 16, Paul picked up his first airbrush and has struggled to put it down since! He went on to complete a course with Airbrush Venturi before learning from the best while working at Airbrush Now with Rayf Jacobs.  

Always looking for a challenge, Paul has further experience studying industrial design and is also employed as a digital sculptor at Ford.  

Paul took a short break from airbrushing to pursue other things in life but now he is back and better than ever!