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Having a fundraiser for your organisation or school?

Airbrush Co. custom caps, t-shirts and bags fundraisers 
Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to engage people at your next fundraiser event? Airbrush Co.’s fundraiser packages encourage people to let their creativity run wild with colour and group fun!
Airbrush Co. combines our customised street art with a range of products to create the best take-away experience for all participants of all ages. Adding a memorable and personal touch to your next fundraiser has never been easier with endless freedom of different designs and products. 
Participants get to choose from a range of funky designs and fun colours to customise their new awesome cap, t-shirt or bag! 
We provide physical or online flyers with easy instructions on how everyone can order! We have online ordering services and we deliver artwork Australia-wide. There are also NO upfront costs or money collection, we organise all of that for you! Your school or organisation will receive $10 off every item sold. How totally wicked is that? Not only that, but our personalised airbrushed apparel comes in adult and children’s sizes. 
At Airbrush Co., we are passionate about giving back and helping out the community. Our services are fun and sunsmart for everyone involved.
We would also love to come to your next onsite fundraiser - we want to offer you plenty of gift vouchers and giveaways! 
Airbrush Co. also provides hire services for custom airbrushed t-shirts, caps, temporary tattoos and more. Don’t miss out on all the fun at your next fundraising event! 
We believe there are countless reasons why Airbrush Co. is perfect for your next fundraiser. To find out more, contact us today! 
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