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Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to engage people at your next fundraiser event? Airbrush Co.’s fundraiser packages encourage people to let their creativity run wild with colour and group fun!

Forget noisy toys, sugar highs and sunburn - the best fundraisers have take-home experience that everyone will treasure for years afterwards! How about personalised and themed airbrushed caps? Customise with your name and favourite colours. Adding a memorable and personal touch to your next fundraiser has never been easier with endless freedom of different designs and products.

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  • Online Fundraiser

    Looking for something new and exciting for your next fundraiser that is effortless and doesn’t take up much of your time?

    Look no further than Airbrush Co. Online Fundraisers, where we customise some totally wicked airbrushed caps. Not only are our custom designs a fun and exciting way to bring colour and life to your next fundraiser, but they also give everyone the chance to be creative, spontaneous, unique and take initiative and ownership of their designs.

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  • Event Live Airbrushing Fundraiser

    Airbrush Co. provides Event Hire services for custom Airbrushed Apparel, Temporary Tattoos and more.

    We combine our customised street art with a range of products to create the best take-away experience for participants of all ages. Adding a memorable and personal touch to your next fundraising event has never been easier.

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We combine our customised graffiti artworks with a range of products to create the best take-away experience for all guests of all ages. Adding a personal touch to your next event has never been easier with endless freedom of different designs and products.

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    “We raised $560 which went towards building our performance studio room. The process was so easy. We even had the artists paint a mural in the new space” - Steph, Dance Studio 2019

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    "Was so much fun having Airbrush Co. at our Family Fun Day paining the personalised hats" - Jo, Family Fun Day 2023

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    "Airbrush Co. is reliable and fun to work this, it is always a highlight for the guests to take away a personalised gift" - Jessica, Event Manager

But it doesn't stop there! At Airbrush Co. we go above and beyond for our clients, so we encourage endless ideas of custom products to make your Fundraiser unique and outstanding.

Airbrush Co. can customise our airbrushing to a range of other products to best suit your event, Including: Bags, Drink Bottles, Shoes, Thongs, Towels, Basket Balls, Skateboards, Beanies, Bucket Hats and sooo much more... Just ask!

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