Airbrush Workshops

Our Airbrush Street Art Workshops encourage people to let their creativity run wild with colour and group fun! From creating personalised t-shirts to banners and murals, Airbrush Co. has a range of workshops assured to bring a sense of pride and achievement to everyone involved.

Our interactive workshops are ideal for Youth Groups, Scout/Girl-Guide Groups, Disability Groups, Team Building Programs and School Holiday Programs/Incursions.

Airbrush Apparel Workshops

Airbrush Co's airbrush workshops are sure to light up the room with energy and colour! Our artists will get all everyone involved in designing, creating and airbrushing their very own personalised T-shirt, Cap, Bag, or any custom item you choose.

Everyone is encouraged to let their creativity soar, experimenting with new skills and endless imaginations. We believe this is a really fun way to teach everyone how to feel more confident and take pride in their ideas.

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Airbrush Banner Workshops

Make a bright statement at events and festivals! Our Banner Workshops inspire everyone to be a part of a team by creating vibrant artwork for the community. Whether you're making a statement about community values or adding extra colour to an event or festival, Airbrush Co. is proud to be a part of all the fun.

Our artists can paint any outlined design prior to the event or a blank canvas can be provided for the participants to create their own artwork. This workshop has a minimum of 3 hours duration.

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Airbrush Mural Workshops

What better way to encourage people to give back to the community than by painting a community mural?! Not only do our Mural Projects allow everyone the opportunity to develop skills in airbrushing, but all participants are encouraged to have fun in creating something for their community.

Everyone involved is encouraged to plan, develop and participate in the project by making decisions, creating and taking ownership of the artwork.

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    "The artists from Airbrush Co. delivered a t-shirt airbrushing workshop for young people at our recent Youth Mental Health community fundraising event. The Airbrush Co. facilitators are highly skilled, youth orientated, organised and a pleasure to work with. The Airbrush Co. Airbrushing activity was really engaging to young people - it was clearly the most popular activity of the day. Participants were encouraged to be creative and supported to learn the basics of airbrush art technique. Additionally, the Airbrush Co. staff were highly supportive of the cause behind this community event. Their presence and contributions to this event were invaluable!"

    - Imogen, Team Leader Youth Engagement, Frankston City Council.

But it doesn't stop there! At Airbrush Co. we go above and beyond for our clients, so we encourage endless ideas of custom products to make your event unique and outstanding.

Airbrush Co. can customise our airbrushing to a range of other products to best suit your event, Including: Bags, Drink Bottles, Shoes, Thongs, Towels, Basket Balls, Skateboards, Beanies, Bucket Hats and sooo much more... Just ask!

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