Hayley was 16 when she did her first airbrushing course and loved it. Raised by a business-minded family, so even at a young age she could see the business opportunities with this medium.

At age 18 she started her own airbrushing business. All over Melbourne you could find her airbrushing temporary tattoos at night clubs and festivals. From this, her business grew and she was commissioned to airbrush murals and portraits.

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In 2007 she met Rayf Jacobs, the formal owner for Hot Paint Airbrush Art, and began her career airbrushing t-shirts and caps at Eastland Shopping Centre.

Due to health issues, Jacobs was soon no longer able to run the business. So in 2008, at age 24, she bought the business and re-developed it with a bigger team of artists. She began airbrushing t-shirts and caps at events and running airbrush workshops.

In 2013 Hayley and her husband started a family. That was when she decided to run Hot Paint from home, taking airbrushing orders online and focusing on big local events and workshops. In October they had their first baby boy Koby and now have three beautiful children that keep her very busy. During this time, she was still able to make an income from the business with the help of her team of artists. 

With her passion for empowering people to be creative and to encourage them to leave their comfort zones, Hayley also created community art based airbrushing workshops. In these workshops, Hayley works with children/young people, at risk children/young people and disability groups. 

As her business grew, Hayley developed a passion to establish careers for other artists. In order to follow this passion, Hayley teamed up with the talented artist Alana and together they founded Airbrush Co. Hayley intends to create a business that grows successfully while she is committed to her family and being a mum. 

Hayley is proud to see how far she has come over the years and how her business has been redeveloped again and again. Times can be challenging with young children and a blossoming career, but Hayley embraces any challenges thrown at her. She believes it is these challenges which make her stronger and she thinks it’s a blessing to raise her beautiful children while pursuing a career she is passionate about.