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Terms and Conditions

When proceeding with an order or booking you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Airbrush artwork 

At Airbrush Co. you enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction policy. We will do our best to make your finished product look as good or better than those shown on this site, and if we make a mistake we will do our very best to correct that mistake in a timely fashion.



  • Exchanges for completed work is only permitted if the artist has made a serious error that cannot be fixed.
  • Customised items are only eligible for return or exchange if there is a defect in the materials, workmanship and/or an order processing error. 
  • The store manager is the only one that can authorise an exchange for workmanship.
  • Refunds are not permitted for defects in materials, workmanship and/or an order processing error, however the order can be redone. 



  • Refunds at the studio are only permitted prior to commencement of the artwork, or in certain cases before the artist has completed a critical deadline with no other alternative. 
  • Cash payments will be fully refunded at Airbrush Co. with proof of receipt.
  • If an error has occurred on a garment that was supplied by the customer, Airbrush Co. will refund the cost of the item and redo the artwork on a new supplied item.


Returns and Exchanges

  • Items that are in need of a refund/exchange must be returned to Airbrush Co. within a 7 day period of pick up or delivery. The item must be in its original condition and not worn or washed.
  • A refund request will only be eligible with a receipt or invoice.

Please note: Variations in color, lettering, and slight design differences are not defects. Airbrushed Designs vary from the original designs depending on the artist’s personal style.  Each item we produce is a custom hand painted item and is therefore unique and you should expect to see variations from the designs shown on this site to the actual one you receive. These changes in design style do not warrant a reason for exchange or refund.


Cancellations and Changes 

It is our goal to process and begin painting your order as fast as possible to ensure that you receive your order in a timely fashion. For this reason there is a very small time frame in which you can cancel or change your order after it is submitted and payment has been received.


Cancellations of orders are only permitted prior to commencement of the artwork. Once the artist begins airbrushing, the customer will be liable for the cost of the item even if cancelled. If you anticipate the likelihood of cancelling an order, please inform Airbrush Co. as soon as possible so that other arrangements can be made. This may include transferring the payment to another order or arranging a refund. 

If you want to make minor adjustments to your order, please inform Airbrush Co. as soon as possible. It is possible to make a change once the item is airbrushed, however expect a chance that the item may reduce in quality. Airbrush Co. has extensive experience in covering changes, however no adjustments can be guaranteed. 


Airbrush Co. is not responsible for misspellings, wrong choice of size or color, or quantities when a order is placed.  

Unacceptable artwork

Airbrush Co. is a family friendly business and will not accept any requests of the following:

  • Offensive language
  • Anything racist, discriminatory or vilifying against a person, religion or other
  • Anything crude
  • Anything pornographic 

 Based on management and artists discretion, orders may be refused or cancelled.


Event Hire Workshop Policy

Airbrush Co. offers the highest expectation of professionalism from our staff while on site for an event or function. 

Deposit and payments

General: 20% booking deposit. The rest of the payment is expected to be made 10 working days prior to the scheduled workshop date.


Refunds and cancellations

Payments are refundable if the event is cancelled 90 days prior to the scheduled event date.

No refund will be provided for the booking deposit if the event is cancelled after the 90 day period. A credit notice will be provided for the deposit amount to use towards a future booking with Airbrush Co. valid for 12 months.

An 80% refund will be provided for cancellations of full payment bookings after the 90 day period. The remaining 20% of the payment will be given as a credit notice as explained above.


Booking Changes

Changes can be made for your booking with prior notice to the event.
For date or time slot changes 30 days notice is required.
For adjustments to quantities of products supplied by Airbrush Co. minimum 10 days notice prior the event: 
All efforts will be made to meet your new requirements but  cannot be guaranteed.

In the event where addition staff hours or extra items are required, extra fees may apply


Airbrush Co. is covered with full public liability insurance.
All of our team have Working with Children Checks.


Privacy Policy

Airbrush Co. recognizes your right to confidentiality and has a firm commitment to ensuring your privacy. This recognition guides every decision we make about how, where, and when to collect information. The personal information we do collect allows us to provide you with an exemplary shopping and ordering experience. The information you share with Airbrush Co. is kept strictly confidential and fully secure. Airbrush Co. will never sell, distribute, or otherwise misuse this information. If you have any questions or concerns about this statement, or about the way your information is collected and used, please Contact Us.


If you have any questions about security on our Website, you can email us at