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Live Graffiti Caps and T-shirts

Don't you wish the best moments in life could last forever? We may not be able to time-travel (yet), but Airbrush Co. can provide unforgettable entertainment and personalised party favours for your once-in-a-lifetime event so you can cherish it forever. 

We believe Airbrush Co's live airbrushing is the perfect entertainment to inspire creativity and fun! With talented artists airbrushing custom caps and t-shirts as live action entertainment, your guests are bound to have a memorable time. Everyone is encouraged to be apart of the fun by designing and flaunting their new personalised party favours.

Airbrush Co’s Live Graffiti Caps/T-shirts are ideal for…

  Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s
  Family Fun Days
  Football Club and Sporting Days
  Birthdays and Family Celebrations
  Community Event
  Corporate Events
  Hens/Bucks Nights
  Kids Parties
  And much more...

We combine our customised graffiti artworks with a range of products to create the best take-away experience for all guests of all ages. Adding a personal touch to your next event has never been easier with endless freedom of different designs and products.

Airbrush Co. can customise our airbrushing to a range of other products to best suit your event:

Drink Bottles
Stubby Coolers
Basket Balls

But it doesn't stop there! At Airbrush Co. we go above and beyond for our clients, so we encourage endless ideas of custom products to make your event unique and outstanding.

“This is such a clever idea, I know it’s meant to be for the kids but I want to order two t-shirts for myself!” - Esther, 45, Bat Mitzvah 2019

“Matching hens night caps! We look so boss!” - Sarah, 27, Hens Night 2019 

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