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Minnie Mouse Party

Posted by Alana Kennedy on

Oh, Mickey! Here is the most fabulous list of themed activities and personalised favours you’ll need for the best Minnie Mouse party of all time.

minnie mouse banner

Minnie Mouse Banner/Backdrop
What better way to celebrate than to have a life-sized version of Minnie partying with you! Set the scene and create a cute photo backdrop for family and friends with a Minnie banner. These fun memories will last forever. The best part? This customised piece is yours to keep even when the party is over (it will look super cute in the playroom).

Party Favours
Forget noisy toys, the best parties have take-home favours that the kids will treasure for years afterwards! How about a personalised airbrushed Minnie-themed cap? Customise with your guests name or favourite Minnie phrase. Did I hear someone say fun AND sunsmart? Yoo-hoo!

Custom Minnie T-Shirt
Your child is sure to feel super special on their big day in personalised Minnie clothing! Customise with their name and favourite colours. Made from 100% cotton, our fun crew neck t-shirts are soft and breathable so they can enjoy playing and dancing in it all day long.

General Props
To add extra sparkle, order customised Minnie-themed airbrush art on party props! We can airbrush on most surfaces, including props such as cups, tables or posters. Airbrushed art will make the party go from cool to unforgettable, sure to make every child giggle!

Extra Fun
For more unique party ideas, Airbrush Co. does event hire and temporary tattoo services!

For more details on how we can help make your next party or event extra special go to our Event Hire page or contact us for further information.

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